Using Social Media as a Building Block For Your Business

On February 25, 2015, in Sales, SEO, by Pete Kici

Do you want customers and clients committed to your products and services? How committed? So committed that they are an advocate for your company? Perhaps spending part of your Advertising and Seo budgets and promotion efforts on social media may be the answer, This is where you should want and need to place some of your internet marketing efforts.

Anyone with a website wants followers and increased business for their products and services.Search engine optimization  is  How this is achieved,and that is an ever changing process. What worked yesterday may not work today, and tomorrow will have a new and improved version. The best thing a website and business owner can do is find what works best for you and your company.

That said there are certain areas of the internet world that can be worked and promoted to your advantage. One of these areas is social media. Use all of the components as building blocks to increase your web presence.Now that over 50% of all local searches done on a hand held device social media is even a bigger deal with the leaders like Yelp and Four Square providing customers a chance to check out the business before they even show up to the business,this is done in the form of reviews. 

local seo services Orlando FlBecause social media is vibrant and current, you must constantly work the various outlets your business is using. There is nothing worse than old or stale content being shared. Know your business and related areas of interest so when you share you are sharing relevant and timely information. One of the main reasons for doing this is you want your followers to share the information with their followers. The more timely and pertinent the data, the more sharing will ensue.

A few components that can work to your advantage include but are not limited to:

  •  Twitter: You have 140 characters to get your message to followers. Have a link within that message to the more detailed information. At other times you may not have a link, but only want to pass a snippet of information along. With all of the material interesting your readers will be anxious to receive and retweet your tweets.
  • Facebook: This component gives you the opportunity to be more detailed with your message. But again offer links to more detailed information at times. This is not necessary at all time. Sometimes it is best to just pass information along without referring to other sites.
  • Pinterest: This is a great platform for retailers or businesses selling DYI items. Boards showing how your products can be used is a great way to build a following as well as customers.
  • Instagram: Restaurants and food retailers can use this service to spotlight food and related items. Mouth-watering entrees is one way to entice readers to visit your establishment for dinner. A lip-licking cake lures visitors to your shop for baking supplies.
  • Blogging: Here you are offered a blank page to give detailed information to your readers. It can be used for how to info, latest product information, and industry related data. Best of all, it allows you to have your customers as guest bloggers. Everyone enjoys seeing their name in print and having readers see how they are using a certain product or service. This platform is excellent for any type business to offer various material.

The main point to remember when using social media is be current! You can use all the creative tools you have but if your data is old and stale, your readers will roll onto others with not only creative but also current information.
Use social media components that support your business. Be creative and unique with your posts and pictures. You want the reader to take action – whether that is to share the information or come into your establishment to make a purchase or the best of all, to do both.