Hello Friend I found this very cool video and informative article that I wanted to share with everyone who is trying to bring more customers to their website.
Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!)

Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!)

Google put together Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!) about SEO it was written by Maile Ohye. I wanted to share it with you so you can cut through the hype and get the story from the folks that run the world of search or are at least the power brokers in SEO if you are not found on Google your business is missing out on millions of people that could be searching for your products or services.Enjoy Webmaster Level: Beginner to Intermediate To help you avoid common mistakes webmasters face with regard to search engine optimization (SEO), I’ve noticed in the SEO industry. Almost four years ago, we also gathered information from all of you (our readers) about your SEO recommendations and updated our related Help Center article given your feedback. Much of the same advice from 2008 still holds true today -- here’s to more years ahead building a great site! If you’re short on time, here’s the gist: Avoid these common mistakes 1. Having no value proposition: Try not to assume that a site should rank #1 without knowing why it’s helpful to searchers (and better than the competition :) 2. Segmented approach: Be wary of setting SEO-related goals without making sure they’re aligned with your company’s overall objectives and the goals of other departments. For example, in tandem with your work optimizing product pages (and the full user experience once they come to your site), also contribute your expertise to your Marketing team’s upcoming campaign. So if Marketing is launching new videos or a more interactive site, be sure that searchers can find their content, too. 3. Time-consuming workarounds: Avoid implementing a hack rather than researching new features or best practices that could simplify development (e.g., changing the timestamp on an updated URL so it’s crawled more quickly instead of easily submitting the URL through Fetch as Googlebot). 4. Caught in SEO trends: Consider spending less time obsessing about the latest “trick” to boost your rankings and instead focus on the fundamental tasks/efforts that will bring lasting visitors. 5. Slow iteration: Aim to be agile rather than promote an environment where the infrastructure and/or processes make improving your site, or even testing possible improvements, difficult. Six fundamental SEO tips 1. Do something cool: Make sure your site stands out from the competition -- in a good way! 2. Include relevant words in your copy: Try to put yourself in the shoes of searchers. What would they query to find you? Your name/business name, location, products, etc., are important. It's also helpful to use the same terms in your site that your users might type (e.g., you might be a trained “flower designer” but most searchers might type [florist]), and to answer the questions they might have (e.g., store hours, product specs, reviews). It helps to know your customers. 3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture: Create unique title tags and meta descriptions; include Rich Snippets markup from schema.org where appropriate. Have intuitive navigation and good internal links. 4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools: Help us communicate with you, especially when we notice something awry with your site. 5. Attract buzz: Natural links, +1s, likes, follows... In every business there's something compelling, interesting, entertaining, or surprising that you can offer or share with your users. Provide a helpful service, tell fun stories, paint a vivid picture and users will share and reshare your content. 6. Stay fresh and relevant: Keep content up-to-date and consider options such as building a social media presence (if that’s where a potential audience exists) or creating an ideal mobile experience if your users are often on-the-go.

I hope Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!) helps everyone in your quest for better website ranking .

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation For Your Business Now

Dear Friend In today's busy world,Lead Generation And Why Your Business Needs This Now ,gives your business a chance to grow by talking to your busy prospects often,in the face of competing for their time everyone has to work,take care of family,enjoy entertainment, people do not have time to gaze into the horizon for answers answers to their problems so the business that provides constant value and stays in touch with their customers and prospects wins hands down.. How do I know?I live it,there was a time in my mortgage and finance company we sent out monthly news letters,every month without failure stamp fold and send,if you so much as called the office we did everything we could to put you on our list so we could send you our monthly newsletter,people we knew that did not do this though we were crazy and wasting a lot of money,that's OK because they were not my customer so they never paid me anything anyway, little did they know how much money it brought in. Was the newsletter sucessful because we had award winning journalist on staff?  Of course not,was it because we had people in the press that would give us inside scoops to breaking news in the mortgage or  finance industry? Again the answer is NO    it was because we wanted to stay in touch with the prospects and customers we come in contact with so when they were ready to buy we were already there in their living rooms and office or sometimes in their trash can.

 Lead Generation And Why Your Business Needs This Now so when your prospects are ready to buy you could be positioned as the experts in our niche.

Your  newsletter is one form of lead generation it  does not have to be great, OK is fine, it should have  some nice blends of facts,human interest stories and of course a little promotion but the reason is again lead generation. Small businesses need a constant flow of new customers if they want to succeed, and yet finding those customers and generating new leads has become a struggle for the 32% of merchants who say their current marketing is not providing enough leads for their business,if your one of the 32% here are some tools you can use right now to get things going quickly.

Here are the top 5 lead Generation tools that you can use for lead generation right now for you business.

1. Zaarly is a free tool that consumers can use to find products and services they want, at prices they’re willing to pay. 2. Localmind  is a hyperlocal service that businesses can use to connect with potential customers already in the nearby vicinity. 3. Thumbtack   is a local marketplace that lets people find and book professional services online. Service professionals in virtually every industry—from hairstyling to housecleaning—can create free listings on Thumbtack, which consumers come across when they search for specific services they need 4. Redbeacon  Professionals in the home services industry can use Redbeacon to generate leads from motivated consumers in their local areas.   5. TaskRabbit  Urgnt.ly is a tool that service professionals can use to snag last-minute jobs that need to be done in a hurry. Individuals in need of immediate assistance—typically because they’ve burst a pipe or gotten a flat tire on the side of the road—log on to Urgnt.ly’s website or mobile app to find professionals who are currently available in the nearby vicinity 5. TaskRabbit  Urgnt.ly is a tool that service professionals can use to snag last-minute jobs that need to be done in a hurry. Individuals in need of immediate assistance—typically because they've burst a pipe or gotten a flat tire on the side of the road—log on to Urgnt.ly’s website or mobile app to find professionals who are currently available in the nearby vicinity  

Lead Generation And Why Your Business Needs This Now

Most business websites fail to even consider lead generation when they build out their web site,a call to action and Lead generation.The truth is a great website should have many opportunities for the user to get free content delivered to them in exchange for their e-mail address,on every page and every call to action.

Make no mistake about this if what your offering is of value to the end user they will happily exchange their e-mail for the free content an win win.

In the my next post I will talk about creating your story and your online character and how to start your relationship building with your list.A very important strategy if you plan on communicating with your list over a long period time. like creating friendships and having the friendship grow to the point of building trust and becoming an advisor in your field also being able to sell product based on the trust you create. It will be step two of  Lead Generation And Why Your Business Needs This Now.

Until next time start to implement Lead Generation And Why Your Business Needs This Now strategies

and if you have any questions you can leave a comment and I will answer them for you. Thank you Pete
Dear Friend Running a successful Small business is not easy,neither is  Marketing your business,  finding new customers and clients is hard work,if it were easy no businesses would never fail. The real world does not care about your Small business,what  products you sell or services you provide until they need you,or they think they need you.Problem with that is when they do need you are you there, Marketing your business through all your channels,doing enough,have you said and done enough to build the trust of the prospect,that's the reason for creating buyers guides and free reports? Your Blog could do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and help you with marketing your business, but not by selling products but by offering advice and solutions your product and service provide. Here's the million dollar question,what are you doing to give great value with out selling your products first? Here's the million dollar answer:do enough,say enough, provide enough value in your content for FREE  that when they(the prospect) are ready or think they are ready to buy, your business or service will be  at the top of their thoughts, your that person and  that business that comes to mind.Hint (staying connected posting content using social media)Blogging..offering how to tips ect.ect.ect. When you begin the process of marketing your business and becoming known as the expert in your field(connecting with new people) it's never easy no one really cares and everyone is busy,but if your consistent and continue to deliver on the promise of great content,value, and service  you become known as the obvious choice.Online there are certain people that when they speak you listen, their stuff/content is that good and people follow and buy everything they do and promote because they bring value.You can be that person in your world. How can you become a celebrity in your prospects world when marketing your business?Unless your a good actor the movies are out,but you can create videos about your stuff/product or service and how it helps to solve your prospects problems. Writing and Blogging on the internet social media for marketing your business is the most effective way to connect with your prospects and customers, this is why I wrote the 4 steps How To Promote Your Blog.The way to get your message out is to provide value and the best way for you to get known is blogging, the ongoing written word of your company. Marketing Your Business is to being out there, meaning more than just placing ads in magazines,newspapers,TV,or Radio all old school not as effect as it once was,today people have the finale say so in what message they want to hear,with over 800 cable channels,commercial free radio and who knows how many other ways of shouting out your message,marketing your business is building a following is the most effective way to communicate your message,you do that with great content and blogging . To become the expert in your field you must provide expert advice and provide most of it for FREE that's the new economy once your prospect see's your worth listening to then and only then do you have the opportunity to be of service to them marketing your business without dropping your price or giving everything away just to make the trans action work. So what does this have to do with a blog?It's the mind set that goes into thinking about how you want to position yourself in the market place,you can be looked at as the leader/expert and people follow  your every move or your can be someone that has a person hold up a sign in front of your business and shout at cars as they drive by it's really up to you marketing your business is a decision you have to make . Blogs,Fan Pages,Twitter all new stuff to most business owners, but not so new that you should ignore them, marketing your business uses all these platforms and even  more off line stuff as well. I follow a person named Neil Patel he is a very sharp guy and puts out great content here is a link to a recent post on promoting your blog  I hope this brings more value to you world Here's the link to Niel Patels guide to Blogging http://www.quicksprout.com The content is good and he is a pretty cool guy though I don't know him personally his writing is easy and engaging go check it out I hope this brings some value to your online blogging effort,and marketing your business nothing earth shattering just common sense ideas.Adding one thing on top of another, each little step to a bigger goal brings success to your marketing your business efforts,bringing more customers to your business.There are  no easy ways it's called hard work for a reason and successful people know this that's why not many people become successful they just don't have the desire to marketing your business and learn new skills,smarter not harder kinda like chopping down a tree with a hammer you can do it but a sharp axe would be much easier... Until Next time Much success   Pete      

How To Promote Your Blog

On October 29, 2011, in Blogging, lead generation, Marketing, by Pete
How to promote your blog,The  million dollar question,and if done correctly worth a million in new business, here's my answer... Recently received a  call from someone asking  questions about the marketing she was paying for and the results she was getting,she said we are blogging and using social media but not sure if the numbers are worth the effort?  Me being the I want to know everything person asked, what do the numbers look like?how much time are you spending and how many dollars are you getting back?They are spending a lot of time but don't know for sure how much money they earn if any?Who created that system,sounds like your business model is based on hard work and hope?Not a good business  plan so I recommended that they at the very least get in front of as many people as they can.So here is what I recommended that she do. Call To Action: Here's 2 steps that will greatly increase the number of people your in front of.Your content is for a different story for a later discussion, for now it's only about more eyes looking at you. How To Promote Your Blog Step 1 register the blog to the following sites:
  • Technorati.com
  • Blogged.com
  • Best of the web blogs directory:blogs.botw.org/
  • BlogSearchEngine.com
  • BlogCatalog.com
  • Blogarama.com
  • The ope directory project/DMOZ(for search engine optimization):Dmoz.org
  • Pitchengine.com(to get your press releases socially submitted)
  • article marketing sites(to re purpose your blog content into articles for more visibilty)
  • Industry or subject-area directories
This will get you some much needed exposure,the content still has to be good and you have to post regularly or consistently for people to start noticing you.I want to be very clear on the process there are many pieces to getting exposure this is only about your blogging so to keep it simple I am giving 2 calls to action. How To Promote You Blog Step 2: These are Social Book Marking sites get your blog listed on them.
  • Twitter.com
  • Digg.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Mixx.com
  • technorati.com
  • stumbleupon.com
  • yahoo!buzz:http://buzz.yahoo.com
  • google buzz:http://www.google.com/buzz  this is being phased out as we speak being replaced by the +1
  • tweetmeme.com
  • delicious.com
  • kaboodle.com
  • Ma.gnolia
  • blinklist.com
  • coRank.com
  • slashdot.org
  • propeller.com
  • folked.com
  • Netvouz.com
  • Mister-Wong.com
Here's your call to action don't think about this to hard just do it, go to these sites and get your blog signed up.some will take your blog, some are voting sites others vote on your posts. Get your blog post in front of as many people as your able to.Find out the how and whys later right now writing quality content or re purposing quality content is  more important than how these systems work.List building and new customers are the or should be your goals to increase your bottom line. This exercise on How To Promote Your Blog  should take you less than an a  hour, for an opportunity to increase your business by 20% in the next 12 months less than 5 years double your business. Do the math and decide if this is for you.. Hope this helps Let me know what your thinking Pete
Real simple message today, How to build trust and respect in your marketing message. Start with data that provides value to your prospect,information that will help them succeed in whatever they are doing,this helps to build trust and respect, more importantly it shows your more than a sales person, a trusted adviser, your customers will become a lot more motivated if their current situation becomes unacceptable.Use problems and solutions even if your talking about problems they haven't even considered,what is the pain and how can you help them. Here's an example,If your landscapers don't have worker comp insurance did you know you would be responsible to pay their workers comp payments if they were injured while working on your yard,is that a risk your willing to take? It's information you may not have that could be very important especially if your landscapers don't have WC insurance and your not willing to take that risk. Once  uncomfortable people will act much faster to solve a problem than to gain an unrelated benefit.Tell them why it  matters to them. Education based marketing is designed to create brand loyalty,you want to be the go to expert in your Niche or service,this allows you to set the markets buying criteria.Basically it means you can teach your buyer how to be a better buyer of your product.
  • 3% of your prospects are buying now
  • 6 to 7 % are open to buying from you now
  • 30% are not thinking about buying from you
  • 30% don't think their interested in what your selling
  • 30% know their not interested in what your selling
Offering some type of education and value gives you a much greater chance to open the door of building trust and respect in your marketing.Think about the home owner that realizes  how much he may have a stake with the landscaping company he has been using doesn't have workers comp insurance,once they start  realizing the risk he or she is taking by not knowing if his landscaping company is insured or not,do you think they may be more open to some new ideas?Now the door is open to your message,your core story will provide data that will make your marketing work harder. Hope this helps you on your quest to creating a better marketing message,  
Hey Mr and Mrs Small Business owner, Tried all kinds of online marketing for your website and the only thing your getting is frustrated? Promises of 1st page ranking and the world brought to your business overnight? Spending money on paid traffic with very little to show for it but a monthly bill? Your not alone, getting online traffic is a messy Job, no easy way around it,if it were easy everyone would do it,but it can be simple all you need is a great SEO,person,or SEM person or paid traffic, Google adwords, you know ad words pay for clicks to your web site.If that doesn't make you feel better about your situation, here's an idea that just might. It really works well, and is not to costly,this will rank your web site higher,and the best part are the results,they last a long long time, and very few people/companies are doing this the ones that do this, are doing extremely well. . The secret is? Submitting News Releases about your company, about the products you sell,specials your doing ,,before you say no way! hear me out it isn't that hard. Google loves news it's considered fresh content,the more content you create more Google likes your site. I will give you the whole story and the how to do it in 2 parts the 1st part is this post, 2nd part will be the next post so you have time to digest the info and start to actually do the work which I know you will. Successful online marketing and offline marketing or PR efforts work because they begin with the buyer in mind,creating a buyer persona identifying one or more buyer personas to target. This means if your son or daughter is enrolling for some sort of activity: example "after school sports program" little league baseball, the organization not only markets to the children that want to enroll in the program, but also to the parents that will enroll them,maybe to the schools in the area, keep in mind it gets deeper than this, but for the moment just follow along, your marketing buyer persona may have 3 or 4 levels or personas as part of your planning process This represents the type of buyer that you have identified as having a specific interest in your company or product,or a problem that your product or service solves. Building your buyer persona is the 1st step and probably the single most important thing that you can do or will do in creating your marketing plan.For your buyer persona you want to know as much as you can about this group of people.What are their goals are, and aspirations? What are their problems? Understanding your buyer persona will get you thinking like them.By doing some basic research on your buyers,you can learn a great deal,and your marketing will be that much more effective,I promise,this is a guarantee you will take to the bank... In part 2 of this series I get you the sites you need to submit your news releases to along with an out line on what to write about and how often you should write news releases to make them more effective,biggest bang for your buck so to speak.. Until then you have some work to do. part 2 in the next few days I hope this helps you in your quest to getting more customers for your business You can also like us on http://www.facebook.com/quickpromarketing Pete 9DU63CRU7ZDJ
Hey Everyone Hope your week has gone well, I wanted to share an article written by David Cosper He is talking about what every business owner should be doing to getting their business ranked higher using Google Places,so no more wasting your time with chatter read this article it is powerful. If I was to take a crack at Google's local search algorithm and reduce it to a Layman's equation, it would perhaps look something like this: Ranking = Location + Information + Corroboration + Input + X Understanding these variables is a critical part of successfully marketing your business online. SMB's have just two meaningful representations in the local search space: a website and a business listing or "LBL". I'm dismissing social media presence because it is primarily a representation of a single user rather than what we conceive as a traditional brick and mortar business -- functioning as more of compliment to website SEO anyway. The latter of the two local search presences is worth discussing in detail. Business listing optimization and improving your "findability" in the local search space is the hot market right now. Local search is mainstream. And If you're not already convinced of this, all you have to do is measure the real estate Google allots to their Map-packs (listings that appear adjacent to the large map of business locations) in the universal results - on many screens almost pushing the index-based results below the fold -- the 7-pack being the most frequently seen. Last year, the major engines saw a whopping 2.6 billion local searches conducted per month1. But surprisingly, only about 11% of SMB's have even claimed their business listings. And roughly 25% of the existing NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) representations floating around online are incorrect. These NAP's appear primarily in local results. To be more specific, local results are the product of online consumers looking to find qualified local businesses, by entering "top of mind" keywords, phrases and geographic modifiers on major search engines, IYP's (Internet Yellow Pages) and other online directories. Let's take a look at the anatomy of a local search results page and see where local business listings fit in. For this example I did a Google search for "cleaners boston ma"... With this kind of first-page exposure for local listings, there is a reason they call it the Lucky 7. For any local search, the major search engines (e.g., Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local) all use their own "black box" algorithms to deliver results they determine are most-to-least relevant. From what I can tell, the 7-Pack algorithm is mostly based on the Maps algo, but also has a layer of Universal on top of it. From extensive research in local search optimization, I've found a handful of factors that influence rankings. Ranking Factors: What Determines the Ranking Results in Local Search? Back to my equation: Ranking = Location + Information + Corroboration + Input + X; X being defined as the consistent unknown and ever-evolving factor contributing to the unpredictability we see in results. The definition of X might as well be stored in the same vault as the Coca-Cola recipe. The other criteria of the local search equation are better understood. 1. Location: Distance from "Centroid" (the geographic center of the area searched) - the closer your business is, the higher you rank -- well kind of. This factor has been reduced in weight recently as in many cases relevancy has been proven arbitrary to fixed geographic center points. However new geolocation tools based on user IP addresses and mobile apps delivering hyper-local results could have future implications on this location factor. At a minimum, claim your basic listing and make sure business name, address and telephone numbers are accurate and complete to take advantage of this location factor. Only a few days ago Google updated their Maps and Local Business Center to include expanded areas served and location settings - this being particularly important for service-orientated businesses targeting customers outside their established locale. 2. Information: Listings containing more robust information and links rank higher in results (e.g., a website link, keyword-rich content, media, etc). Enhance your listing with keyword-rich content targeting the top keyword phrases prospective consumers may use to find you. Consider using variations of the most popular terms like "painters" and "painting". Listing "brands carried" is a good way to target popular keywords. Businesses with product/service keywords in their LBL title get an extra boost (some businesses actually change their name specifically for this reason). Run some tests using Google Analytics available in the GLBC (Google Local Business Center) to narrow down your keyword focus. Be sure to add media to your listing: a company logo and multiple store/product photos go a long way - video is a bonus. I also suggest supplementing your listing with as many "extras" as possible. One example would be adding a custom coupon, which is available on many IYP sites. Many of these "extras" may not directly influence ranking, however if they can successfully draw clicks/conversions they are certainly worth adding. 3. Corroboration: How many other local search engines or directories have your same listing published? Each time the information contained in your listing matches the NAP and description on other "relevant" sites, your listing gets a "citation" (award) -- the more citations you have, the higher your business ranks. This corroboration between relevant sites builds trust, and the trust factor is critical to high-ranking. Build out your LBL with enhanced content on at least one site, and use this as a template to manually distribute your information to as many relevant sites as possible (see my list of notable sites below). Remember, online local consumers are fragmented -- the use of robust, broad content distribution will maximize reach. Here's an example of a business with multiple citations. 4. "Objective" Consumer Input: How many consumer reviews/ratings or other sources of user input does your business have on "relevant" sites? How many are positive/negative? To maximize citations and achieve the highest possible ranking you need to get as much positive feedback as possible. Encourage your happy customers to go online and give you a positive review on multiple sites.. Be aware that Google favors citations differently across various industries so it is important to solicit reviews on sites specific to your vertical. The top three review sites for restaurants (based on Google citations as of today) are Citysearch, TripAdvisor and Zagat, while businesses in the service industry are benefiting mostly from Citysearch, InsiderPages and Kudzu. And yes, Google recognizes unique and non-unique URL's within the review section - so don't think you can get carried away with rating your own business. Negative ranking factors: Avoid using an 800# or multiple phone numbers across listings for tracking purposes (consistency in NAP is key); non-local area code; use of a P.O. Box; multiple LBLs with same phone number and/or DBA and/or address; stuffing geo-targeted keywords into non-related categories or fields; high percentage of bad reviews. To avoid getting bogged down with explaining the step-by-step process of claiming your business, I'll point you to a recent blog on that very topic: How To Claim Your Google Maps Listing. You can start with your Google Maps listing and in a similar fashion work your way through the roughly 100 other search engines, IYP directories, maps, mobile sites and niche local/social sites. And yes, this is a laborious process which requires time and some web expertise - prior SEO knowledge a plus. Even after you have built out a robust business profile and painstakenly gone through the manual submission process, page one ranking is never a lock. Unlike more traditional local advertising methods (TV, radio, yellow pages), guaranteeing placement in local search is nearly impossible. Local search engines hold their proprietary search logic "close to the vest" so businesses cannot easily game the system. For the very same reason they also change the rules often. And just like us, their logic isn't perfect. In short, local search engines are a prominent, and increasingly popular component of the local search landscape. And factors like regency, accuracy, "certificate of trust" and depth of content are the critical elements to supporting a business' image, increasing "findability" and generating qualified, ready-to-buy local customers. I hope this helps answer questions about getting your companies website ranking on Google,I know it is a lot to take in so one thing at a time and if you have questions your always welcome to e-mail me pete@quickpromarketing.com Have a great weekend we have the NFL on Sunday not as interesting without the Patriots playing. Take care Pete
In this video we talk about the top 4 ways to get people to respond to your online videos and lead pages.  Check it out!

Videos And You Tube

On September 1, 2010, in lead generation, Marketing, Video marketing, by Pete
Hey everyone, Hope your videos are becoming a big part of your marketing,having a way for the world to view your videos is critical to your success,so in this post we are going to talk about posting videos on you tube and setting up your own you tube channel.So lets get started,go to http://www.youtube.com  if you don't already have a You Tube account 1). click the create account link,just fill out the information and you have now created an  account on you tube. Next you want to create your video,let me take a minute to say creating your videos should not be a stressful event, script out the video so you know what you will be talking about before you film.We will talk about creating successful videos in another post, today I want you to get your You Tube account set up.Now that you have your video filmed it's time to upload it to you tube. 2).Sign in to your You Tube account and click the upload video button,3).next select the video your going to upload,4).create a title for your video,write an informative description of this video,5).next generate a list of tags,tags are keywords that describe your video,for example if your using the word beach, you could use water,waves, surfing.Tags should be keywords that you want your video to appear for when searched. 6).select the category for your video,7).click save changes.8). the video will take a little time to upload before it can be viewed usually around 20 minutes or so, once it has uploaded it can be viewed by everyone.9).One final step,now that your video  is on you tube, take the  code that You Tube produces for your video and embed it on your website, or blog,this way everyone can watch your video wherever you have the code embedded, on your website,or blog or where ever you post it for the public to view,now you have multiple places to view your video,this creates a higher likely hood for back links to your blog or website. I hope this helped, leave me a comment let me know if your learning anything. Thank you

Creating Your Blog

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Hey Everyone, I am fighting the urge to write about nothing,since it is so easy and anyone can do it,with word press it is a snap. Just sign up and start blogging,right? Here are a few tips on blogging with purpose:
  • Focus on a particular area of interest,personal or political it really is up to you,try and be consistent with your site,in other words if your loving flowers and this is your passion write about it,but try staying with that topic and not getting to far off that subject.Example:Flowers and gardening go well together,but flowers and rebuilding a Chevy engine not so much.
  • Try not to be Boring what I mean is put some thought in your post,a little research goes a long way in providing quality content.
  • Invite other people to comment on your posts,it's a great way to get people involved.This will also create back links to your site if people are interested in what your posting.
  • Visit other blogs, comment on what they are posting even if you don't agree or like what they are saying.Please make your comment a thoughtful one, not something like,Wow I like your blog,that sounds phony and not many people will take you seriously.The point is to create relationships and this will bring more traffic to you.
If your able to manage a post at least once a week and are creating interesting content, over time you will see a following form, people listening and interested in what you have to say responding to your posts,this is actually pretty cool,this will not happen over night and you must be consistent,This applies to businesses and individuals. Google loves blogs and rewards them with search engine rankings, if they are updated regularly and have great content,This should be a part of any online effort. One other important thought,If your going to be consistent with  blog, use word press, and buy a domain name, set it up word press with your domain name this makes it yours or in other words this creates your online personality.Host your blog with someone beside word press,use a independent 3rd host,for example you can use, Host gator,Go daddy whomever it doesn't matter, this way you can fully optimize your domain as part of your online presence,also set up an RSS feed so people are able to get your post when you post. This is not a technical explanation on blogging, or setting up a blog,there is already enough of that out there online, I just want you to get started in an easy fun way,I hope this helped.. Tell me know what you think. Thanks Pete