Hello Friend I found this very cool video and informative article that I wanted to share with everyone who is trying to bring more customers to their website.
Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!)

Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!)

Google put together Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!) about SEO it was written by Maile Ohye. I wanted to share it with you so you can cut through the hype and get the story from the folks that run the world of search or are at least the power brokers in SEO if you are not found on Google your business is missing out on millions of people that could be searching for your products or services.Enjoy Webmaster Level: Beginner to Intermediate To help you avoid common mistakes webmasters face with regard to search engine optimization (SEO), I’ve noticed in the SEO industry. Almost four years ago, we also gathered information from all of you (our readers) about your SEO recommendations and updated our related Help Center article given your feedback. Much of the same advice from 2008 still holds true today -- here’s to more years ahead building a great site! If you’re short on time, here’s the gist: Avoid these common mistakes 1. Having no value proposition: Try not to assume that a site should rank #1 without knowing why it’s helpful to searchers (and better than the competition :) 2. Segmented approach: Be wary of setting SEO-related goals without making sure they’re aligned with your company’s overall objectives and the goals of other departments. For example, in tandem with your work optimizing product pages (and the full user experience once they come to your site), also contribute your expertise to your Marketing team’s upcoming campaign. So if Marketing is launching new videos or a more interactive site, be sure that searchers can find their content, too. 3. Time-consuming workarounds: Avoid implementing a hack rather than researching new features or best practices that could simplify development (e.g., changing the timestamp on an updated URL so it’s crawled more quickly instead of easily submitting the URL through Fetch as Googlebot). 4. Caught in SEO trends: Consider spending less time obsessing about the latest “trick” to boost your rankings and instead focus on the fundamental tasks/efforts that will bring lasting visitors. 5. Slow iteration: Aim to be agile rather than promote an environment where the infrastructure and/or processes make improving your site, or even testing possible improvements, difficult. Six fundamental SEO tips 1. Do something cool: Make sure your site stands out from the competition -- in a good way! 2. Include relevant words in your copy: Try to put yourself in the shoes of searchers. What would they query to find you? Your name/business name, location, products, etc., are important. It's also helpful to use the same terms in your site that your users might type (e.g., you might be a trained “flower designer” but most searchers might type [florist]), and to answer the questions they might have (e.g., store hours, product specs, reviews). It helps to know your customers. 3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture: Create unique title tags and meta descriptions; include Rich Snippets markup from schema.org where appropriate. Have intuitive navigation and good internal links. 4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools: Help us communicate with you, especially when we notice something awry with your site. 5. Attract buzz: Natural links, +1s, likes, follows... In every business there's something compelling, interesting, entertaining, or surprising that you can offer or share with your users. Provide a helpful service, tell fun stories, paint a vivid picture and users will share and reshare your content. 6. Stay fresh and relevant: Keep content up-to-date and consider options such as building a social media presence (if that’s where a potential audience exists) or creating an ideal mobile experience if your users are often on-the-go.

I hope Five common SEO mistakes (and six good ideas!) helps everyone in your quest for better website ranking .

Pete Kici

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The Business Of Marketing Your Business

The Business Of Marketing Your Business

Dear Friend Today more than ever Business owners and marketers must understand the The Business Of Marketing Your Business The Implications Of Perception is how consumers perceive your business your products or services,one of the most powerful motivations for someone to buy or not to buy . For example customers will pay more for candy in expensive looking foil wrapper packaging,but shiny labels on wine bottles signify a less expensive wine;dull labels indicate more expensive wine.

Price can be used to indicate that the product or service is of higher quality than competing products.

An example would be to offer a premium package of your product or service to those customers that want to move ahead or above the crowd, an example is a night club offering a VIP room which in reality is just a space in the club roped off exclusive to the people and their guest renting this space for the evening,for an additional fee.(example for $400 you receive a bottle of premium vodka and you and your group are entitled to this space for the evening) the bottle is of course the only tangible in the offer but the VIP allows the user the status of exclusive,which I refer to as prestige in spite of the fact everyone is still  using the same rest rooms and same dance floor VIP status is important to a certain group and they are willing to pay for it so as a business owner always provide this option as a premium pricing strategy.

Using the seven triggers in your marketing the prestige  trigger is a powerful attraction in the high price product market. example: A Rolls Royce says prestige the owner feels it  people see it. Here are the 7 triggers
  1. Mystique
  2. Lust
  3. alarm
  4. prestige
  5. power
  6. vice
  7. trust
I will go over each of these individually in another post but for the mean time focus on the publics perception of you and your company, what people think you are is going to dictate the kind of client or customer you attract so if they see you as a low cost leader your fee or prices must continue to be in line with their perception this is why low price positioning is never a  good option,coming back to a higher price is very difficult or almost impossible situation to over come. An example would be if you’re a company that positions their products like as an industry leader for example; Apple,a price drop 20% off of almost any of their items would probably create a increased demand almost over night for a short time then going back to regular premium pricing, where a similar item no name brand low end brand may not see any significant increase in buyer interest.Marketing your products or services entails processes that focus on delivering value and benefits to your customers not just selling gods and services and/or ideas.It involves building long term mutually rewarding relationships that benefit all the parties concerned you are in the The Business Of Marketing Your Business.   Hope this helps Pete

Seo and your Content Marketing Plan

On February 12, 2015, in Content writing, SEO, by Pete Kici

With content marketing and search engine optimization, how can your business stand out, front and center? Content marketing is information being passed to readers and having search engines find it . Sounds simple and easy; it is anything but like all good seo you need to do a little planning. The material offered must be relevant to the reader and have value with the end result being action. This action is a change in behavior; usually buying behavior. All of this takes place via an internet website.

This dissemination of information does not take place in a vacuum. Multitudes of information are on the internet, all vying for attention. How can one small business attract a response?
One of the ways is to begin with a content marketing plan is to decide what problems you want to help your readers solve. This will involve research and development which can be time consuming. But the results will be worth all the time and money spent.

 Seo and content writing
What is your business selling? Before any content is written, you must determine what products and services are to be highlighted. Once this is established, then you can move on to the next step.

  • Who is your audience? These are the people who will purchase your products and services. There are millions of users on the internet and not all are your target audience.
  • Depending on what you are offering your audience size will vary. You may find an audience through Facebook Groups. If you are selling a retail product, Pinterest may offer an audience. Do your research and once the audience is found, write content specific to that audience.  

Content comes in many forms. Always write for your readers and vary the form as much as your readers allow. Most businesses have something to teach, whether it is how to use a product or how a service can better your life. Have tutorials lined up for publishing, especially in the video format. Readers will enjoy seeing what your company has to offer.

Maybe your audience would prefer a how-to guide giving directions of how to use a product or the ways in which a service improves their lives.
Interviews bring reality to a business and a website. Readers like to hear and read about how people do things. Have interviews with industry leaders or employees who have developed a different method of making a product. Interviews with customers are also a great way of bonding with your audience. Interviews can be videos or written; or change up the format from time to time.

When writing content, have some material that can be used over and over, evergreen. Other material should include news, industry and company events, and anything pertinent to your business and customers.
Write for your readers. Before beginning an article, ask yourself, will the audience enjoy this information? You may be giving directions, but try to add humor. Write content in a conversational tone, you want your readers to feel like they are talking with you.

Make a plan for changing content. It is not so important how often you change articles, but that you do in on a schedule. Change every week, month, or two weeks – just stick to your schedule. Also quantity is not as important as quality. You could change content every three days, but if that content is not relevant it does no good to change it.
In developing a content plan, the main objective is to think about your audience. Give your readers relevant content in a conversational tone with spurts of humor and this will bring more people to your website which in it self is good seo.

Orlando seo

Dear Friend Running a successful Small business is not easy,neither is  Marketing your business,  finding new customers and clients is hard work,if it were easy no businesses would never fail. The real world does not care about your Small business,what  products you sell or services you provide until they need you,or they think they need you.Problem with that is when they do need you are you there, Marketing your business through all your channels,doing enough,have you said and done enough to build the trust of the prospect,that's the reason for creating buyers guides and free reports? Your Blog could do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and help you with marketing your business, but not by selling products but by offering advice and solutions your product and service provide. Here's the million dollar question,what are you doing to give great value with out selling your products first? Here's the million dollar answer:do enough,say enough, provide enough value in your content for FREE  that when they(the prospect) are ready or think they are ready to buy, your business or service will be  at the top of their thoughts, your that person and  that business that comes to mind.Hint (staying connected posting content using social media)Blogging..offering how to tips ect.ect.ect. When you begin the process of marketing your business and becoming known as the expert in your field(connecting with new people) it's never easy no one really cares and everyone is busy,but if your consistent and continue to deliver on the promise of great content,value, and service  you become known as the obvious choice.Online there are certain people that when they speak you listen, their stuff/content is that good and people follow and buy everything they do and promote because they bring value.You can be that person in your world. How can you become a celebrity in your prospects world when marketing your business?Unless your a good actor the movies are out,but you can create videos about your stuff/product or service and how it helps to solve your prospects problems. Writing and Blogging on the internet social media for marketing your business is the most effective way to connect with your prospects and customers, this is why I wrote the 4 steps How To Promote Your Blog.The way to get your message out is to provide value and the best way for you to get known is blogging, the ongoing written word of your company. Marketing Your Business is to being out there, meaning more than just placing ads in magazines,newspapers,TV,or Radio all old school not as effect as it once was,today people have the finale say so in what message they want to hear,with over 800 cable channels,commercial free radio and who knows how many other ways of shouting out your message,marketing your business is building a following is the most effective way to communicate your message,you do that with great content and blogging . To become the expert in your field you must provide expert advice and provide most of it for FREE that's the new economy once your prospect see's your worth listening to then and only then do you have the opportunity to be of service to them marketing your business without dropping your price or giving everything away just to make the trans action work. So what does this have to do with a blog?It's the mind set that goes into thinking about how you want to position yourself in the market place,you can be looked at as the leader/expert and people follow  your every move or your can be someone that has a person hold up a sign in front of your business and shout at cars as they drive by it's really up to you marketing your business is a decision you have to make . Blogs,Fan Pages,Twitter all new stuff to most business owners, but not so new that you should ignore them, marketing your business uses all these platforms and even  more off line stuff as well. I follow a person named Neil Patel he is a very sharp guy and puts out great content here is a link to a recent post on promoting your blog  I hope this brings more value to you world Here's the link to Niel Patels guide to Blogging http://www.quicksprout.com The content is good and he is a pretty cool guy though I don't know him personally his writing is easy and engaging go check it out I hope this brings some value to your online blogging effort,and marketing your business nothing earth shattering just common sense ideas.Adding one thing on top of another, each little step to a bigger goal brings success to your marketing your business efforts,bringing more customers to your business.There are  no easy ways it's called hard work for a reason and successful people know this that's why not many people become successful they just don't have the desire to marketing your business and learn new skills,smarter not harder kinda like chopping down a tree with a hammer you can do it but a sharp axe would be much easier... Until Next time Much success   Pete      

How To Promote Your Blog

On October 29, 2011, in Blogging, lead generation, Marketing, by Pete
How to promote your blog,The  million dollar question,and if done correctly worth a million in new business, here's my answer... Recently received a  call from someone asking  questions about the marketing she was paying for and the results she was getting,she said we are blogging and using social media but not sure if the numbers are worth the effort?  Me being the I want to know everything person asked, what do the numbers look like?how much time are you spending and how many dollars are you getting back?They are spending a lot of time but don't know for sure how much money they earn if any?Who created that system,sounds like your business model is based on hard work and hope?Not a good business  plan so I recommended that they at the very least get in front of as many people as they can.So here is what I recommended that she do. Call To Action: Here's 2 steps that will greatly increase the number of people your in front of.Your content is for a different story for a later discussion, for now it's only about more eyes looking at you. How To Promote Your Blog Step 1 register the blog to the following sites:
  • Technorati.com
  • Blogged.com
  • Best of the web blogs directory:blogs.botw.org/
  • BlogSearchEngine.com
  • BlogCatalog.com
  • Blogarama.com
  • The ope directory project/DMOZ(for search engine optimization):Dmoz.org
  • Pitchengine.com(to get your press releases socially submitted)
  • article marketing sites(to re purpose your blog content into articles for more visibilty)
  • Industry or subject-area directories
This will get you some much needed exposure,the content still has to be good and you have to post regularly or consistently for people to start noticing you.I want to be very clear on the process there are many pieces to getting exposure this is only about your blogging so to keep it simple I am giving 2 calls to action. How To Promote You Blog Step 2: These are Social Book Marking sites get your blog listed on them.
  • Twitter.com
  • Digg.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Mixx.com
  • technorati.com
  • stumbleupon.com
  • yahoo!buzz:http://buzz.yahoo.com
  • google buzz:http://www.google.com/buzz  this is being phased out as we speak being replaced by the +1
  • tweetmeme.com
  • delicious.com
  • kaboodle.com
  • Ma.gnolia
  • blinklist.com
  • coRank.com
  • slashdot.org
  • propeller.com
  • folked.com
  • Netvouz.com
  • Mister-Wong.com
Here's your call to action don't think about this to hard just do it, go to these sites and get your blog signed up.some will take your blog, some are voting sites others vote on your posts. Get your blog post in front of as many people as your able to.Find out the how and whys later right now writing quality content or re purposing quality content is  more important than how these systems work.List building and new customers are the or should be your goals to increase your bottom line. This exercise on How To Promote Your Blog  should take you less than an a  hour, for an opportunity to increase your business by 20% in the next 12 months less than 5 years double your business. Do the math and decide if this is for you.. Hope this helps Let me know what your thinking Pete

You Want Me To Do What?

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Hello From Orlando Direct response marketing tip #107 :Get your face painted like a clown put on the big floppy shoes come down to my new office hand out free coffee and promote my business for me... You want me to do what??That definitely gets attention. That was the irresistible offer that was presented to me I should help this person out because I know a little about marketing ... very tough to say no to but I had to pass. Actually they wanted me to come down and stand outside the office early in the morning while people were walking up and down the street and hand out Free coffee,probably better in a clown suite than me a 50 something big ass white guy, not wanting to talk to any of these people all miserable because they have to go to work attitudes, at least the clown would help make them feel less helpless figuring I am a bigger idiot than they will ever be. This is marketing as most small businesses think marketing, good idea if you own a coffee shop not as good if you sell bicycles,still better than nothing but not by very much.I am certainly not criticizing anyone for trying quite frankly many businesses suffer from learned helplessness and they are waiting for anything to happen its sad but very much a way of life for many people. So now that I am back to reality I bring one idea to the world that I did not think of it just borrow from those that are doing it very well,direct response marketing,talking to your customer or prospect not as a group but as a person.Benefits,benefits. Three quick and easy ways to get more leads and more customers maybe even double your business in the next 12 months
  1. A Stop them in their tracks Headline(you have three seconds to grab someones attention)
  2. An irresistible tangible offer key word tangible something they can put to use now.
  3. Call to action,if there is no call to action why would they buy now?
This is so basic but if your able to just wrap your head around these concepts your already ahead of 97% of your competition.everything I am telling you here is basic direct response marketing,these are the fundamentals to learn,once you learn and use them watch the world beat down your door to do business with you. These principles transfer over to video ,articles ,copy writing, web sites,radio,and TV think home shopping network. it is selling. My call to action for you read a book on direct response marketing,I will even recommend an easy read lot of easy stuff to implement the book is:Direct Marketing Techniques by Lois K Geller learn the techniques in the book and you could double your business in the next twelve months, sounds a lot better than handing out coffee on a downtown side walk early in the morning. until next time your the best and nobody is better than you.. Pete
Hey everyone What I am about to tell you is not going to shock you..Most

small business marketing

is done without much thought, owners spend  very limited amount of time with their marketing strategies, marketing is an after thought val pack person calls and they place an order,marketing done. This is not a commentary on small business owners and how they do their marketing or advertising, it's about how to get the customers calling you so you stop complaining about the economy and begging for more business. Spent a few hours today at a local networking group called meet up, there are literally thousands of sub groups of meet ups around the country,all are very different this one is run by Marlee Ward,  Orlando Self-Employed Superstars: Marlee does a great job as the groups organizer very bright understands marketing and practices what she preaches. The one big thing that rings out loud with these groups is everyone is seeking an answer just tell me the secret and I am out of here,or they are selling their products with no regard to whether or not you need the service or product,small business marketing is more than just handing out lots of business cards, almost all will end up in a can under the desk no real reason to keep them unless your looking for that thing or service today,even then why buy their product over someone else s it's not like you know them or anything.

Small business marketing

  • Small business marketing is building your list of prospects
  • You the business owner can control your messages to your prospect
  • You send the message
  • You control how they get the message
I need to back up here one step before anyone gets excited about your business you must create an
  1. Attention grabbing head line
  2. Irresistible tangible offer
  3. Have a lead generating web site
  4. A follow up system

attention grabbing headline: Sam's Steak House is giving away $30,ooo.in steaks

An irresistible tangible offer may sound like this: free steak dinner  first 100 people Everyone that shows up for the event is required to give their contact info...e-mail and home address along with any personal info for birthdays, specials events.Now this becomes your list that you can start building a relationship.It's not the economy as much as it is how you get peoples attention and follow up.The offer has to be tangible and it has to stop them in their tracks 5 or 6 words.Your list is the core to your business and the bigger the list the more people you can build relationships with, create special  e-mail offers, tips,videos send but don't send shit people will unsubscribe from your list if all you do is spam them  regularly.Keeping the conversation going,the follow up system is critical I recommend Aweber,highest deliver ability in the industry if your e-mail does not reach its intended destination it just as well you did not send it . Personality in your e-mails whats going on in the business new products,employees,location changing make the conversation you would enjoy being part of if you were receiving these e-mails all the time,lets face it everyone is busy and no one has time to listen to nothing but a sales pitch so be smart and bring value your customer will reward you they will buy from you,it's not the economy stop begging for business small business marketing is not rocket science just good common sense or maybe it is rocket science depends on who you ask. This is it I am out let me know if you have questions... Pete
Real simple message today, How to build trust and respect in your marketing message. Start with data that provides value to your prospect,information that will help them succeed in whatever they are doing,this helps to build trust and respect, more importantly it shows your more than a sales person, a trusted adviser, your customers will become a lot more motivated if their current situation becomes unacceptable.Use problems and solutions even if your talking about problems they haven't even considered,what is the pain and how can you help them. Here's an example,If your landscapers don't have worker comp insurance did you know you would be responsible to pay their workers comp payments if they were injured while working on your yard,is that a risk your willing to take? It's information you may not have that could be very important especially if your landscapers don't have WC insurance and your not willing to take that risk. Once  uncomfortable people will act much faster to solve a problem than to gain an unrelated benefit.Tell them why it  matters to them. Education based marketing is designed to create brand loyalty,you want to be the go to expert in your Niche or service,this allows you to set the markets buying criteria.Basically it means you can teach your buyer how to be a better buyer of your product.
  • 3% of your prospects are buying now
  • 6 to 7 % are open to buying from you now
  • 30% are not thinking about buying from you
  • 30% don't think their interested in what your selling
  • 30% know their not interested in what your selling
Offering some type of education and value gives you a much greater chance to open the door of building trust and respect in your marketing.Think about the home owner that realizes  how much he may have a stake with the landscaping company he has been using doesn't have workers comp insurance,once they start  realizing the risk he or she is taking by not knowing if his landscaping company is insured or not,do you think they may be more open to some new ideas?Now the door is open to your message,your core story will provide data that will make your marketing work harder. Hope this helps you on your quest to creating a better marketing message,  
Hello Everyone Attracting New Business using Twitter is not something new as a matter of fact it is the easiest ways to finding and engage with new and existing customers. I am constantly trying to get the best possible content available some times it's my stuff and sometimes I just post other peoples stuff never taking credit for other peoples stuff, that would be plagiarism. In this post Chris Brogan talks about Twitter and why businesses should be using this micro blogging site,along with tips on getting the best results. This is a e-maiI I receive almost daily from Chris Brogan a very sharp marketer and basically someone who has an interesting point of view,do I like or agree with all his stuff ? No of course not,Most of what he writes is worth paying attention to. Just one idea can change your whole life,just one new habit can change your health your finances why not look for new ways of doing things,it real easy to do start small just do one thing everyday  and before you know it   you have created a new habit.Start with this article and twitter just a few minutes a day could mean a break through in your business a whole new income stream,don't expect this to happen over night,it won't but over time the results could be amazing. Very easy to do,also very easy not to do. You decide..... Here's Chris Brogan Often times, people tell me, “But my customers aren’t ON Twitter.” This is probably true. Twitter still has only 140 million or so users. But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t invite them onto Twitter as a way to communicate with your business. You might just have to help them out a little bit more than putting “Follow Us On Twitter” on the bottom of your recent marketing materials.

Your Approach to Twitter

First, make sure your approach to Twitter is that you wish to use it to both inform your customers, as well as to engage with them in between purchases. If you’re just going to do A, it’s not very useful. Tweeting out your coupon codes isn’t going to show you a huge return on effort. Keeping people interested in what you’re saying and showing them that you’re interested in what they’re saying will keep you top of mind, which translates much better into future business and repeat business, plus referrals. Make your account a picture of you or of whoever’s going to do the tweeting. If you MUST have a logo, have the logo be a little badge in the lower third of the avatar picture. We’re shooting for a human connection here. People don’t form connections with logos (though they can be brand enthusiasts). What you’re going to talk about is kind of a recipe. You talk about 50% of the time about them, your customers. You interact with them. You cheer their victories. You mention which song they talked about and that you like it or don’t. 50% is about them. 25% is about stuff pertaining to others that might be interesting to them. If your customers are runners, you point out interesting races, or new technology that you’re not selling, or new techniques. The last 25% can be about you, but hopefully, you’ll think in terms of how you equip them. How can the information you provide, even if it’s selling something, equip them to do better? That’s the big goal.

How To Invite Them

There are two ways people can participate with you on Twitter. One is very passive, and it might just be that your customers only want that. In this case, you can just explain that you use Twitter to share useful information to their interests, and that you also share company news on Twitter. You provide them the full URL of your Twitter account: http://twitter.com/petekici . In this case, you’re presuming that your customers don’t really want all the interaction we talked about above, but that they can still benefit from your updates. In the second, you help walk them into starting their own Twitter account. It’s not that hard to explain to people. You show them how to sign up at Twitter.com. You can explain that there are all kinds of interesting people to follow on Twitter. (A great service for finding people to follow is Listorious.) Show them the FUN part of using Twitter. Do your customers like Lada Gaga? Then show them where to find her. Are they into politics? Show them both sides of the aisle. My dad’s into Poker, so he follows all kinds of professional poker players. It keeps him reading and interacting. You can do the same with your customers. If you do it the second way, make sure to get their Twitter account names. Add these to your CRM, so that you can contact these folks via Twitter, so that you can add them to your list.

Find Some More People on Twitter

If your business is location-specific, go to http://search.twitter.com and put in the various ways people talk about your location. For instance, Milwaukee people often also say MKE when talking about their city. Make sure your search says “Milwaukee OR MKE” to find everyone talking. From that, pluck out the people who might also be useful to follow as prospective customers. You can do the same with search terms for what your business does. Do you sell plumbing supplies? Look for people talking about construction, building, architecture, etc. It’s slow going. No one will tell you otherwise. But there’s some opportunity in doing this legwork, at least to get a base going. Then, when you’ve started even a small community of people to follow and interact with, some organic growth will happen.

Twitter Isn’t a Chore

Twitter’s something you can fit into your business in between other things you’re doing. You don’t have to schedule off Twitter time. You just have to get into the habit of finding a little moment to add something to your stream. It gets to be a simple habit over time. It comes effortlessly, once you get the sense that people are listening (even sometimes) and that you’re adding some value.   Hope this helped Let me know what your thinking Pete Kici
I want to start by saying, the more you learn the more you realize how much you don't know. Ever notice how everyone is an expert in something regardless of their training ,considering how under informed/educated the general public is this is no monumental task,just read a few books and implement what you learn,almost like learning to ride a bike accept for the book reading part and you can become half way decent at whatever it is your learning until one day many years from now you are the expert in that field even if you suck at what you do just because you have been doing it so long. I bring this up because recently I have been on a mad dash to put the finishing touches on a marketing system for who else but small businesses that work in local markets brick and mortar type.For any marketer who has been in their field for any length of time most of this will seem very simple,so bare with me,I think there are 5 fundamental areas that any business should be focused on.            Most don't or won't cause they are chasing the next customer.
  1. Keeping the customers they have.staying in touch regularly(cost $7 to get a new customer $1 to keep the one you have)
  2. Getting them to purchase more often and have them make  larger purchases.(Costco,or any of the big box wholesalers)
  3. Creating a referral environment reward for good behavior
  4. Getting new customers
  5. Creating large a list of prospects to market to until they become customers or opt out of your list
I think you can flip 4 and 5 around The point to all this is I am listening to a lot of marketing companies that have websites that are not even set up correctly don't have better than a page rank of 2 or proper title tags,and want to show me how to do my marketing.For the record, my website Quick Pro Marketing is currently being revamped and has a page rank of 0 as why we are creating a new one and scraping the one I created when I was learning to be an expert,on internet marketing,not web design. No one has approached me with any of these ideas maybe a half  hearted attempt at list building not much else,SEO, web design,keyword research,buzz words hot topics and everyone and their mother are now experts in internet marketing. The small business owner most often is clueless or knows enough to be dangerous.Tough times for businesses everyone is trying to sell them the next magic bullet. Marketing is not rocket science it's just common sense....  even on the internet. 5 areas to take care of in your online marketing,this will be outlined in detail in my e-book Business Marketing Systems
  1. Videos
  2. Articles/press releases
  3. SEO website and articles
  4. Social Media
  5. Google Places
I will not over these 5 main areas in this post, but I will go into detail on the next post, these 5 main areas are critical to your business getting new customers on line and ranking high in the search engines, do these 5 thing well and you will become an expert in your Niche Guaranteed!!! See you on the next post Tell me what you think