Dear FriendRunning a successful Small business is not easy,neither is  Marketing your business,  finding new customers and clients is hard work,if it were easy no businesses would never fail.The real world does not care about your Small business,what  products you sell or services you provide until they need you,or they think they need you.Problem with that is when they do need you are you there, Marketing your business through all your channels,doing enough,have you said and done enough to build the trust of the prospect,that's the reason for creating buyers guides and free reports?Your Blog could do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and help you with marketing your business, but not by selling products but by offering advice and solutions your product and service provide.Here's the million dollar question,what are you doing to give great value with out selling your products first?Here's the million dollar answer:do enough,say enough, provide enough value in your content for FREE  that when they(the prospect) are ready or think they are ready to buy, your business or service will be  at the top of their thoughts, your that person and  that business that comes to mind.Hint (staying connected posting content using social media)Blogging..offering how to tips ect.ect.ect.When you begin the process of marketing your business and becoming known as the expert in your field(connecting with new people) it's never easy no one really cares and everyone is busy,but if your consistent and continue to deliver on the promise of great content,value, and service  you become known as the obvious choice.Online there are certain people that when they speak you listen, their stuff/content is that good and people follow and buy everything they do and promote because they bring value.You can be that person in your world.How can you become a celebrity in your prospects world when marketing your business?Unless your a good actor the movies are out,but you can create videos about your stuff/product or service and how it helps to solve your prospects problems.Writing and Blogging on the internet social media for marketing your business is the most effective way to connect with your prospects and customers, this is why I wrote the 4 steps How To Promote Your Blog.The way to get your message out is to provide value and the best way for you to get known is blogging, the ongoing written word of your company.Marketing Your Business is to being out there, meaning more than just placing ads in magazines,newspapers,TV,or Radio all old school not as effect as it once was,today people have the finale say so in what message they want to hear,with over 800 cable channels,commercial free radio and who knows how many other ways of shouting out your message,marketing your business is building a following is the most effective way to communicate your message,you do that with great content and blogging .To become the expert in your field you must provide expert advice and provide most of it for FREE that's the new economy once your prospect see's your worth listening to then and only then do you have the opportunity to be of service to them marketing your business without dropping your price or giving everything away just to make the trans action work.So what does this have to do with a blog?It's the mind set that goes into thinking about how you want to position yourself in the market place,you can be looked at as the leader/expert and people follow  your every move or your can be someone that has a person hold up a sign in front of your business and shout at cars as they drive by it's really up to you marketing your business is a decision you have to make .Blogs,Fan Pages,Twitter all new stuff to most business owners, but not so new that you should ignore them, marketing your business uses all these platforms and even  more off line stuff as well.I follow a person named Neil Patel he is a very sharp guy and puts out great content here is a link to a recent post on promoting your blog  I hope this brings more value to you world Here's the link to Niel Patels guide to Blogginghttp://www.quicksprout.comThe content is good and he is a pretty cool guy though I don't know him personally his writing is easy and engaging go check it outI hope this brings some value to your online blogging effort,and marketing your business nothing earth shattering just common sense ideas.Adding one thing on top of another, each little step to a bigger goal brings success to your marketing your business efforts,bringing more customers to your business.There are  no easy ways it's called hard work for a reason and successful people know thisthat's why not many people become successful they just don't have the desire to marketing your business and learn new skills,smarter not harderkinda like chopping down a tree with a hammer you can do it but a sharp axe would be much easier...Until Next timeMuch success Pete