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The New economy is now built on trust If you ignoreReputation Management (we prefer reputation marketing because no one makes money in management only in Marketing)Click Here for more infoyou do so at the risk of going out of business or seeing your sales decline.Anyone today is a target for an online review,good or bad,fair or unfair that’s what Google,yelp,Manta,Angie's List,to name a few are providing people searching for a service or a business. As you are a professional or a business owner you need to pay attention this is the new SEO.

In our society TRUST is a big deal reviews are the staple,This is now a trust economy like it or not reviews are a major factor to how people decide to do business with you.

To prove this point a on March 31st 2008 Dave Carroll was flying United Airlines out of Chicago and while sitting on the tarmac the lady sitting next to him said the crew below was throwing guitars Carroll checked in two guitars when he arrive to his destination he discovered one of his guitars had been damaged,the cost to repair $1,200. for nine months Carroll tried to get United to fix the broken Guitar to no avail feeling dejected he decided the only thing he could do at this point was create a song to voice his complete disapproval of how he was treated.Out of his grief came a bad review on united this was in a form of a song


For someone to go out and create a video,this is not typical of most people,but writing a bad review about you and your company this is very easy.The point here is the buying public now has the power to reveal any and all unhappiness or disapproval of your services or products by just going online and writing a bad review.

With consumer power growing by the hour it’s no surprise  to find reputation Marketing a growing and thriving business.

The media research firm BIA/Kelsey estimates that small and mid size companies spent $1.6 billion a year ago to expand and protect their digital reputations.By 2015,it predicts that figure will exceed $5 billionYour Reputation Online.

Today people rely on the Internet to help chose the right dentist,plumber,right car,insurance,hotel,restaurant,TV set.They place great faith in what is written on the Internet,a passive approach to marketing your online reputation is no longer an option if you what to compete in today's market place.

Quick tip on how to stay current with your Reputation Marketing,get out in front of the problem if a complaint is being voiced fix it,be honest and transparent,you can fix the problem before it escalates into a bad review.

Next stay in touch with your customers this is your support group your loyal customers the people that like you,the die hard's these are your greatest allies,and if anyone will argue on your behalf it is them.Once you have a problem your scrambling to defend yourself,but by staying in touch with your raving fans you have a built in support group that already has your back(so to speak) and if you have been building the relationship many of these fans will have already given you a 5 star review.


Another important view as a business owner is that marketing your 5 star reputation is to understand that you can fix the harm but if you haven't also fixed the pain you you haven't necessarily solved the problem, do not forget the emotional and psychological harm,this is where the customer bases all their decisions about you and their experience with you, we as people base many of our decisions on emotion and then we justify with logic.


Reputation Management is messy job

When practiced and used correctly you can take your 5 star reputation and use it as a marketing tool not as a management tool.

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