Google Local Is A Mess

On February 12, 2015, in Local Business Marketing, Marketing, by Pete Kici
Google Local Is A Mess

Google Local Is A Mess

Dear Friend 

For some small businesses Google Local

is all the  marketing they do, unfortunately the state of the union at Google Local is in turmoil you have Places,and plus and maps all Google and you have reputation which are reviews also Google and finally you are asked to create or optimize your listing but which one do you optimize?

Do you move your places to plus or vice versa  Google doesn't seem to have an answer or they just aren't saying yet.Another problem to add to the mix is the Google reviews process is being turned upside down with reviews going away and reviews not be posted or staying posted,crazy but that's the stated of affairs Now...

 I Wanted to share this link to a blog post outlining all the details her if your a business owner or a marketer it's time to pay attention to this and get ahead of the/your competition.        

If your struggling with your local marketing and getting your company on the Google maps and listed,

this is an explanation of why you maybe having a problem click this link  

Hope this brings some clarity to the chaos that surrounds Google Local

Take Care 




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