Using Social Media as a Building Block For Your Business

On February 25, 2015, in Sales, SEO, by Pete Kici

Do you want customers and clients committed to your products and services? How committed? So committed that they are an advocate for your company? Perhaps spending part of your Advertising and Seo budgets and promotion efforts on social media may be the answer, This is where you should want and need to place some of your internet marketing efforts.

Anyone with a website wants followers and increased business for their products and services.Search engine optimization  is  How this is achieved,and that is an ever changing process. What worked yesterday may not work today, and tomorrow will have a new and improved version. The best thing a website and business owner can do is find what works best for you and your company.

That said there are certain areas of the internet world that can be worked and promoted to your advantage. One of these areas is social media. Use all of the components as building blocks to increase your web presence.Now that over 50% of all local searches done on a hand held device social media is even a bigger deal with the leaders like Yelp and Four Square providing customers a chance to check out the business before they even show up to the business,this is done in the form of reviews. 

local seo services Orlando FlBecause social media is vibrant and current, you must constantly work the various outlets your business is using. There is nothing worse than old or stale content being shared. Know your business and related areas of interest so when you share you are sharing relevant and timely information. One of the main reasons for doing this is you want your followers to share the information with their followers. The more timely and pertinent the data, the more sharing will ensue.

A few components that can work to your advantage include but are not limited to:

  •  Twitter: You have 140 characters to get your message to followers. Have a link within that message to the more detailed information. At other times you may not have a link, but only want to pass a snippet of information along. With all of the material interesting your readers will be anxious to receive and retweet your tweets.
  • Facebook: This component gives you the opportunity to be more detailed with your message. But again offer links to more detailed information at times. This is not necessary at all time. Sometimes it is best to just pass information along without referring to other sites.
  • Pinterest: This is a great platform for retailers or businesses selling DYI items. Boards showing how your products can be used is a great way to build a following as well as customers.
  • Instagram: Restaurants and food retailers can use this service to spotlight food and related items. Mouth-watering entrees is one way to entice readers to visit your establishment for dinner. A lip-licking cake lures visitors to your shop for baking supplies.
  • Blogging: Here you are offered a blank page to give detailed information to your readers. It can be used for how to info, latest product information, and industry related data. Best of all, it allows you to have your customers as guest bloggers. Everyone enjoys seeing their name in print and having readers see how they are using a certain product or service. This platform is excellent for any type business to offer various material.

The main point to remember when using social media is be current! You can use all the creative tools you have but if your data is old and stale, your readers will roll onto others with not only creative but also current information.
Use social media components that support your business. Be creative and unique with your posts and pictures. You want the reader to take action – whether that is to share the information or come into your establishment to make a purchase or the best of all, to do both.

Making your website user friendly

On February 12, 2015, in SEO, web design, by Pete Kici

Sitting in the coffee shop waiting for a friend to arrive for an afternoon visit, out comes your mobile device. Making use of your time, you check your mail, search for a restaurant for dinner, and send a few messages. What would you do without your computer and especially your mobile device? Most days revolve around your computerized devices. From scheduling to banking to dinner reservations, all are done using some form of a computer device. A website user knows what they expect and expects to receive what they want.

Is it time to look at your website in the eyes of the user? You may be concerned with SEO, search engine optimization, and how your website ranks with various search engines. The readers using your website are concerned about how the website functions. And they have specific expectations. Orlando Webdesign Company
Check your analysis software to see where these mobile device users are going on the website and make sure there are short routes to this information. No one wants to wait especially mobile device users.

The readers want to be able to move quickly between pages. If the navigation is slow, there is a possibility that the reader will move to a competitor’s website.The only true way to know how quickly your pages load is to check them yourself.

Use different browsers and a variety of computers including mobile devices. See how quickly you can navigate. Now think about your readers, will this be quick enough for them. If not, get to work and improve the response time.

Once the navigation is quick, now work on content. Are you offering what your readers are searching for? If you are giving your readers the information needed, they will reward you by staying on your website for longer periods. The lengths of stay will help to improve your rankings. Keep your content current with industry updates or improved how-to information. Give your readers reasons to return to your site. This becomes a win-win for both you and your readers.

Whatever format is offered on your website, make sure it is compatible with all devices. Some graphics require plugins and not all plugins work on all equipment. Keep it simple. Sometimes it is better to have less graphics and glitz and more relevant information accessible to all.
Look around and see how many people are using mobile devices. Sit on a park bench and watch the mobile users pass by; just about everyone has a mobile device in their hand. What does this say to you? Make sure your website is mobile friendly. With so many mobile users, if your site is not mobile friendly, you will lose readers. Translated, you will miss out on potential customers.

Do the research, know what your customers and potential customers are looking for. Take that information to your website and make it user friendly for all computer devices including mobile. By making your website user friendly, you are also helping your website to higher rankings. When you satisfy your readers, they in-turn reward you with higher rankings.

Orlando Seo Company


Growing Your Company With SEO

On February 12, 2015, in Local Business Marketing, Marketing, SEO, by Pete Kici

Your company is growing. The advertising is showing increased product/service recognition; brand is building. The next step in the business plan is a website and it is online. Now What?

You want to market the website, however that is different from buying ad space, sending out brochures, or making telephone calls. Most business owners don’t know where to begin when it comes to online marketing. You have stepped onto foreign soil.

Orlando Seo

Luckily there are companies specializing in internet marketing – SEO Companies. What is a Orlando SEO Company and what can they do for your business? These companies deal with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps to place your company at the top of the Internet World.

Even, if as a business owner you understand the SEO world, you probably don’t have the time to do everything necessary to build a powerful website. That is where a SEO Company comes in; they have the time and skills to travel through the internet building links, adding tags, and creating attention-grabbing copy and setting up your website structure for search engines to crawl the content correctly.

What does all this mean to a business owner and their website? The SEO Company will first analyze the company website to determine which keywords are driving traffic to the site. Then a baseline report should be completed to determine where the website ranks in the internet world. This report can be used later to determine ROI (return on investment).

 The SEO Company will evaluate the website and determine how to increase potential customers, relevant traffic, to the site. The site will be promote using all the options along the internet highway. Monthly monitoring of the website will show rank designation. The SEO Company provides any recommendations they feel necessary then the business owner can decide what changes to make.


All of this will optimize the website and you are able to determine your ROI. This is the cost of the implementation and management of driving relevant traffic to your site as well as using the roads of the internet to your best advantage.

Your company website is your business card and the SEO is your advertising company for the web. Internet marketing is constantly changing and your company needs experts who stay up with the most current advertising methods. A SEO Company should also look at your other areas of publicizing and integrate these with internet marketing to garner you the best possible results from all areas of advertising.

Although SEO is a cost of advertising it should also be seen as an investment. Your SEO can be measured, evaluated and adjusted as needed.

What does SEO tell the business owner? Whether website traffic is increasing or decreasing. Where the company ranks in the internet world. How many prospective customers does the business have? How many people have filled out a request form, called the business or purchased the product or service? All of these can be measured and used to determine how profitable the SEO has been.

Business life in the internet can be confusing with its many twists and turns. Having a SEO Company to help navigate is the best possible advantage available.



Why how it looks is not your main concern in web design.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs

In website design, Job's words can be taken to heart. It's not just how your site looks, ultimately the success will be measured in how well it works and how it meets your goals for the site.

Of course we want our site to look good, maybe even outstanding. But, not at the expense of the user experience. And certainly not to the detriment of accomplishing the purpose of the website. So we concentrate on how it works. But where do we begin?

One of the first things we must ask in site design is, "What are the needs of our users?"  Ultimately, it's about the user experience and how well we fulfill those needs. Once we've determined the needs of our users, these will set the goals for our website. These goals can take the form of sections or pages in our site, or simple and easy accessibility and usability by our customers and clients.

There are several areas to consider in design. One of which is the overall design of the site. Before any work is started, the complete look must be developed. The latest movement is termed "flat design". So, what is flat design and why is this important? Flat design is the absence of elements such as shadowing, color gradients, textures, or anything which would add depth to a page or control elements. It is characterized by uniform colors, simple fonts which are easy to read, and simple elements which do not complicate the look or add complexity to the site. These design elements allow a site to be resized easily and to simply convey information. It allows the same site to be used across multiple platforms and browsers with less adjustment and modification.

Along with flat design, simple navigation should be a goal of current design as well. After analysis of user actions, navigation should concentrate on getting the target audience to the information they most access in the shortest path possible. Simple menus with short precise labels un-complicate our navigation and reduce users who will bail to another site from frustration with ours.

There is a shifting in Internet usage to using more mobile devices over 50% of all searches online are done with a mobile device. It is apparent that more and more Internet access is being accomplished through mobile devices and their apps than from desktop computers. It is imperative to consider and design for these devices. Users on the go want easy to read sites which are simple and fast to navigate. They want to quickly get the information needed or order the products wanted.

Although this is not a definitive list of site development elements, it will get the juices flowing. If you are doing the web design for your site, there is plenty of information available. If you are looking for assistance, there are many web designers/consultants waiting to assist you in traversing the website design waters.


It is budget time for your company and each line item must be analyzed. The advertising budget and the website budget are two separate line items. You know website is advertising and that content marketing is extremely important. Now it's time to convince others on how important the content you produce is the new advertising.

Orlando Seo Company
A challenge to content marketing is usually at budget time, or more of a lack of budget. Some company officials don’t realize their website is the advertising medium on the internet. They are used to newspaper, magazine, and trade show promotion to name a few. It is hard to convince them that the new medium is the internet and a website that is optimized for the google search engines. Since a specific audience is targeted, it can also be a less expensive way to advertise. In a newspaper or magazine, you are appealing to the masses.
Once the website is seen as advertising now the problem area is the IT department working with the advertising department. Having both a traditional and on line presence poses unique issues. Campaigns must be developed together so there is a coordinated effort instead of working against each other. Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean it meets today’s market. Brainstorming sessions are needed with give and take on both sides.
Now that the internal struggles have been met, the website has its own challenges. Content marketing is not static and there needs to be a constant supply of quality articles. In addition to quality there must be variety of topics all relating to the company or products and services offered. Now is the time to think outside the box and how you can have quality content in many areas on a regular basis.
The content must have significance to your readers – customers and potential customers. How can one of your products or services enhance their life or business? Show how something you offer can save time and money. If something happened at the factory that was humorous, share it. You become personal to your customers.
Know what your competition is doing and don’t follow. Go in another direction that sets you apart from the crowd. Thinking outside the box may be necessary. If your competitors are offering e-papers, why not offer pod casts on how to use one of your newer products?
If your website has a blog, and it should, it is a great way to get unique content. Ask customers to be guest bloggers discussing how they use your products or services. This is good especially if there are unique uses of products to be blogged. The guest bloggers have followers, they will read your blog and some will become your followers.
Once the content is out on the web, how do you measure success? There are various analytical tools available to monitor and measure the success of your website. Before using any tool, you must first determine the goals and what success looks like. There are many options – high search engine rankings, a certain number of web visitors, new customers from the web, or web generated sales. Success is different for each company; decide yours and then start measuring.
These are some of the issues that face content marketing. No one is more important than another; it depends on the company. Before you begin, formulate a workable plan and take the necessary steps for implementation. There are SEO professionals that are ready to assist companies with the implementation of their content marketing plans.

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Google Local Is A Mess

On February 12, 2015, in Local Business Marketing, Marketing, by Pete Kici
Google Local Is A Mess

Google Local Is A Mess

Dear Friend 

For some small businesses Google Local

is all the  marketing they do, unfortunately the state of the union at Google Local is in turmoil you have Places,and plus and maps all Google and you have reputation which are reviews also Google and finally you are asked to create or optimize your listing but which one do you optimize?

Do you move your places to plus or vice versa  Google doesn't seem to have an answer or they just aren't saying yet.Another problem to add to the mix is the Google reviews process is being turned upside down with reviews going away and reviews not be posted or staying posted,crazy but that's the stated of affairs Now...

 I Wanted to share this link to a blog post outlining all the details her if your a business owner or a marketer it's time to pay attention to this and get ahead of the/your competition.        

If your struggling with your local marketing and getting your company on the Google maps and listed,

this is an explanation of why you maybe having a problem click this link  

Hope this brings some clarity to the chaos that surrounds Google Local

Take Care 




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Dear Friend

The New economy is now built on trust If you ignoreReputation Management (we prefer reputation marketing because no one makes money in management only in Marketing)Click Here for more infoyou do so at the risk of going out of business or seeing your sales decline.Anyone today is a target for an online review,good or bad,fair or unfair that’s what Google,yelp,Manta,Angie's List,to name a few are providing people searching for a service or a business. As you are a professional or a business owner you need to pay attention this is the new SEO.

In our society TRUST is a big deal reviews are the staple,This is now a trust economy like it or not reviews are a major factor to how people decide to do business with you.

To prove this point a on March 31st 2008 Dave Carroll was flying United Airlines out of Chicago and while sitting on the tarmac the lady sitting next to him said the crew below was throwing guitars Carroll checked in two guitars when he arrive to his destination he discovered one of his guitars had been damaged,the cost to repair $1,200. for nine months Carroll tried to get United to fix the broken Guitar to no avail feeling dejected he decided the only thing he could do at this point was create a song to voice his complete disapproval of how he was treated.Out of his grief came a bad review on united this was in a form of a song


For someone to go out and create a video,this is not typical of most people,but writing a bad review about you and your company this is very easy.The point here is the buying public now has the power to reveal any and all unhappiness or disapproval of your services or products by just going online and writing a bad review.

With consumer power growing by the hour it’s no surprise  to find reputation Marketing a growing and thriving business.

The media research firm BIA/Kelsey estimates that small and mid size companies spent $1.6 billion a year ago to expand and protect their digital reputations.By 2015,it predicts that figure will exceed $5 billionYour Reputation Online.

Today people rely on the Internet to help chose the right dentist,plumber,right car,insurance,hotel,restaurant,TV set.They place great faith in what is written on the Internet,a passive approach to marketing your online reputation is no longer an option if you what to compete in today's market place.

Quick tip on how to stay current with your Reputation Marketing,get out in front of the problem if a complaint is being voiced fix it,be honest and transparent,you can fix the problem before it escalates into a bad review.

Next stay in touch with your customers this is your support group your loyal customers the people that like you,the die hard's these are your greatest allies,and if anyone will argue on your behalf it is them.Once you have a problem your scrambling to defend yourself,but by staying in touch with your raving fans you have a built in support group that already has your back(so to speak) and if you have been building the relationship many of these fans will have already given you a 5 star review.


Another important view as a business owner is that marketing your 5 star reputation is to understand that you can fix the harm but if you haven't also fixed the pain you you haven't necessarily solved the problem, do not forget the emotional and psychological harm,this is where the customer bases all their decisions about you and their experience with you, we as people base many of our decisions on emotion and then we justify with logic.


Reputation Management is messy job

When practiced and used correctly you can take your 5 star reputation and use it as a marketing tool not as a management tool.

Hope this helps 

Dear Friend

Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites and website visitors.. 

Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites

I spent the last few days creating a new Google maps listing.Right there it hit me,Google can either help your business online or completely shut it off from the rest of the world regardless of what your doing for SEO or any of the other things you do to optimize your website.

Scary thought then I found this very cool article in the New York Times business section,the  truth is you must be in many places and optimize everything you distribute online fortunately a smaller web site is much easier to manage than a website with thousands of pages.

The article is a view from above on how a website can go from getting great results(traffic and conversion) to a reduction of traffic for no apparent reason

(Google has an algorithmic change or something) no warning and bang your site goes cold :( 

Here is the link go here to read more  Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites -

The Business Of Marketing Your Business

The Business Of Marketing Your Business

Dear Friend Today more than ever Business owners and marketers must understand the The Business Of Marketing Your Business The Implications Of Perception is how consumers perceive your business your products or services,one of the most powerful motivations for someone to buy or not to buy . For example customers will pay more for candy in expensive looking foil wrapper packaging,but shiny labels on wine bottles signify a less expensive wine;dull labels indicate more expensive wine.

Price can be used to indicate that the product or service is of higher quality than competing products.

An example would be to offer a premium package of your product or service to those customers that want to move ahead or above the crowd, an example is a night club offering a VIP room which in reality is just a space in the club roped off exclusive to the people and their guest renting this space for the evening,for an additional fee.(example for $400 you receive a bottle of premium vodka and you and your group are entitled to this space for the evening) the bottle is of course the only tangible in the offer but the VIP allows the user the status of exclusive,which I refer to as prestige in spite of the fact everyone is still  using the same rest rooms and same dance floor VIP status is important to a certain group and they are willing to pay for it so as a business owner always provide this option as a premium pricing strategy.

Using the seven triggers in your marketing the prestige  trigger is a powerful attraction in the high price product market. example: A Rolls Royce says prestige the owner feels it  people see it. Here are the 7 triggers
  1. Mystique
  2. Lust
  3. alarm
  4. prestige
  5. power
  6. vice
  7. trust
I will go over each of these individually in another post but for the mean time focus on the publics perception of you and your company, what people think you are is going to dictate the kind of client or customer you attract so if they see you as a low cost leader your fee or prices must continue to be in line with their perception this is why low price positioning is never a  good option,coming back to a higher price is very difficult or almost impossible situation to over come. An example would be if you’re a company that positions their products like as an industry leader for example; Apple,a price drop 20% off of almost any of their items would probably create a increased demand almost over night for a short time then going back to regular premium pricing, where a similar item no name brand low end brand may not see any significant increase in buyer interest.Marketing your products or services entails processes that focus on delivering value and benefits to your customers not just selling gods and services and/or ideas.It involves building long term mutually rewarding relationships that benefit all the parties concerned you are in the The Business Of Marketing Your Business.   Hope this helps Pete