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Google Local Is A Mess

On November 29, 2012, in Local Business Marketing, Marketing, by Pete Kici
Google Local Is A Mess

Google Local Is A Mess

Dear Friend 

For some small businesses Google Local

is all the  marketing they do, unfortunately the state of the union at Google Local is in turmoil you have Places,and plus and maps all Google and you have reputation which are reviews also Google and finally you are asked to create or optimize your listing but which one do you optimize?

Do you move your places to plus or vice versa  Google doesn't seem to have an answer or they just aren't saying yet.Another problem to add to the mix is the Google reviews process is being turned upside down with reviews going away and reviews not be posted or staying posted,crazy but that's the stated of affairs Now...

 I Wanted to share this link to a blog post outlining all the details her if your a business owner or a marketer it's time to pay attention to this and get ahead of the/your competition.        

If your struggling with your local marketing and getting your company on the Google maps and listed,

this is an explanation of why you maybe having a problem click this link   http://9nl.com/8w8s/  

Hope this brings some clarity to the chaos that surrounds Google Local

Take Care 




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Dear Friend

The New economy is now built on trust If you ignoreReputation Management (we prefer reputation marketing because no one makes money in management only in Marketing)Click Here for more infoyou do so at the risk of going out of business or seeing your sales decline.Anyone today is a target for an online review,good or bad,fair or unfair that’s what Google,yelp,Manta,Angie's List,to name a few are providing people searching for a service or a business. As you are a professional or a business owner you need to pay attention this is the new SEO.

In our society TRUST is a big deal reviews are the staple,This is now a trust economy like it or not reviews are a major factor to how people decide to do business with you.

To prove this point a on March 31st 2008 Dave Carroll was flying United Airlines out of Chicago and while sitting on the tarmac the lady sitting next to him said the crew below was throwing guitars Carroll checked in two guitars when he arrive to his destination he discovered one of his guitars had been damaged,the cost to repair $1,200. for nine months Carroll tried to get United to fix the broken Guitar to no avail feeling dejected he decided the only thing he could do at this point was create a song to voice his complete disapproval of how he was treated.Out of his grief came a bad review on united this was in a form of a song


For someone to go out and create a video,this is not typical of most people,but writing a bad review about you and your company this is very easy.The point here is the buying public now has the power to reveal any and all unhappiness or disapproval of your services or products by just going online and writing a bad review.

With consumer power growing by the hour it’s no surprise  to find reputation Marketing a growing and thriving business.

The media research firm BIA/Kelsey estimates that small and mid size companies spent $1.6 billion a year ago to expand and protect their digital reputations.By 2015,it predicts that figure will exceed $5 billionYour Reputation Online.

Today people rely on the Internet to help chose the right dentist,plumber,right car,insurance,hotel,restaurant,TV set.They place great faith in what is written on the Internet,a passive approach to marketing your online reputation is no longer an option if you what to compete in today's market place.

Quick tip on how to stay current with your Reputation Marketing,get out in front of the problem if a complaint is being voiced fix it,be honest and transparent,you can fix the problem before it escalates into a bad review.

Next stay in touch with your customers this is your support group your loyal customers the people that like you,the die hard's these are your greatest allies,and if anyone will argue on your behalf it is them.Once you have a problem your scrambling to defend yourself,but by staying in touch with your raving fans you have a built in support group that already has your back(so to speak) and if you have been building the relationship many of these fans will have already given you a 5 star review.


Another important view as a business owner is that marketing your 5 star reputation is to understand that you can fix the harm but if you haven't also fixed the pain you you haven't necessarily solved the problem, do not forget the emotional and psychological harm,this is where the customer bases all their decisions about you and their experience with you, we as people base many of our decisions on emotion and then we justify with logic.


Reputation Management is messy job

When practiced and used correctly you can take your 5 star reputation and use it as a marketing tool not as a management tool.

Hope this helps 

Dear Friend

Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites and website visitors.. 

Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites

I spent the last few days creating a new Google maps listing.Right there it hit me,Google can either help your business online or completely shut it off from the rest of the world regardless of what your doing for SEO or any of the other things you do to optimize your website.

Scary thought then I found this very cool article in the New York Times business section,the  truth is you must be in many places and optimize everything you distribute online fortunately a smaller web site is much easier to manage than a website with thousands of pages.

The article is a view from above on how a website can go from getting great results(traffic and conversion) to a reduction of traffic for no apparent reason

(Google has an algorithmic change or something) no warning and bang your site goes cold :( 

Here is the link go here to read more  Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites - NYTimes.com.

The Business Of Marketing Your Business

The Business Of Marketing Your Business

Dear Friend Today more than ever Business owners and marketers must understand the The Business Of Marketing Your Business The Implications Of Perception is how consumers perceive your business your products or services,one of the most powerful motivations for someone to buy or not to buy . For example customers will pay more for candy in expensive looking foil wrapper packaging,but shiny labels on wine bottles signify a less expensive wine;dull labels indicate more expensive wine.

Price can be used to indicate that the product or service is of higher quality than competing products.

An example would be to offer a premium package of your product or service to those customers that want to move ahead or above the crowd, an example is a night club offering a VIP room which in reality is just a space in the club roped off exclusive to the people and their guest renting this space for the evening,for an additional fee.(example for $400 you receive a bottle of premium vodka and you and your group are entitled to this space for the evening) the bottle is of course the only tangible in the offer but the VIP allows the user the status of exclusive,which I refer to as prestige in spite of the fact everyone is still  using the same rest rooms and same dance floor VIP status is important to a certain group and they are willing to pay for it so as a business owner always provide this option as a premium pricing strategy.

Using the seven triggers in your marketing the prestige  trigger is a powerful attraction in the high price product market. example: A Rolls Royce says prestige the owner feels it  people see it. Here are the 7 triggers
  1. Mystique
  2. Lust
  3. alarm
  4. prestige
  5. power
  6. vice
  7. trust
I will go over each of these individually in another post but for the mean time focus on the publics perception of you and your company, what people think you are is going to dictate the kind of client or customer you attract so if they see you as a low cost leader your fee or prices must continue to be in line with their perception this is why low price positioning is never a  good option,coming back to a higher price is very difficult or almost impossible situation to over come. An example would be if you’re a company that positions their products like as an industry leader for example; Apple,a price drop 20% off of almost any of their items would probably create a increased demand almost over night for a short time then going back to regular premium pricing, where a similar item no name brand low end brand may not see any significant increase in buyer interest.Marketing your products or services entails processes that focus on delivering value and benefits to your customers not just selling gods and services and/or ideas.It involves building long term mutually rewarding relationships that benefit all the parties concerned you are in the The Business Of Marketing Your Business.   Hope this helps Pete

Which Coupons Motivate Online Shoppers?

On September 13, 2012, in Advertising, In The News, by Pete Kici
Hello Friend One thing that does not appear to fall out of favor with shoppers are Which Coupons Motivate Online Shoppers your going to be shocked at the numbers behind these new findings as a matter of fact your probably going to change the way you interact with your customers from this point forward. Some things never get old so if you own a business and your trying to figure out what to do to bring more customers to your business this might be the answer your looking for so click the link below and find out what the surveys say and answer the question what makes people want to buy your service or product... Which Coupons Motivate Online Shoppers? : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum.
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Top 10 Things People Hate About E-mail

On August 31, 2012, in In The News, by Pete Kici
Hello Friend
Top 10 Things People Hate About e-mail

Top 10 Things People Hate About e-mail

Top 10 Things People Hate About E-mail is the most talked about subject on internet marketing today,people hate spam but look forward to whats in their in box ,just ask someone what they hate about e-mails in their in box and you will get a whole list of things…. For most people their e-mail is a love hate relationship, I want to get all the cool stuff e-mailed to me but hate getting all these e-mails ???

Truth is there are e-mails we love to get and others we wish would never show up or just go away.

As  a business owner there is no better way to get new customers buying more of your products or services then staying in touch with them, thru e-mail newsletters or periodic messages mostly information to make their lives better, special offer announcements. Unfortunately most businesses fall far to short in this department, They have no lists, no e-mailing campaigns, and no relationship building newsletters.Just don’t have time for all that stuff we are busy trying to get new customers and servicing the ones we have. The big problem here is no systems in place to put this on auto pilot,a conversation for another blog post.Smile   To get my list of Top 10 Things People Hate About E-mail see the list now
How The Internet is working for American businesses And What Every Business Needs To Know today.It is a well known fact that more people are searching online for local businesses to buy products and services but in spite of this fact most small businesses are so far behind the curve and that eventually catching up may cost them their livelihood, that means going out of businesses for a lack of a better term. Back at the turn of the century horses were the primary mode of transportation and automobiles were frowned upon as a fad far to expensive for the common person until Henry Ford started mass producing cars making it affordable for the average person.Now the internet has taken the same path used to be out of reach for the average person, the skills needed to create a website and the cost were beyond most  businesses budget and it was to new to really concern the average person,today you have no choice if you want to compete you need a website and social media and you must be found. To  get more on How The Internet is working for American businesses Click Here

7 Tips To Keeping Visitors on your website

On August 18, 2012, in In The News, by Pete Kici
Your website is now your NEW store front 7 Tips To Keeping Visitors on your website is the guide to understanding the pit falls of a poorly designed website and why being cheap here could cost you a lot of lost business not to mention money.Make no mistake here The cost to build your website is only one indicator of the quality of the site there are others,7 to be exact. If you ask most business owners about company goals, Almost without fail they will say,making more money, bringing new people(customers) to their business,yet with out much tought they throw up a website and look for magical results.No planning just need a website let's do it,I know I have done it myself. If you have someone design a website that prevents your prospects from even wanting to contact you no SEO or any other magic is going to help,it’s not traffic your looking for it’s new customers. As a business person your bombarded with all kind of magical online tricks that supposedly  bring your business new customers, making the truth even more confusing, the one thing that is for sure is  if your website is poorly designed your wasting money and time,the people that come to your site will not stick around (lost opportunity).Here is your guide to building a successful web site. Click here For the 7 Tips 
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If your like most Small Businesses Link Building Opportunities Without Content Creation would be like winning the marketing lotto,very little investment big return. internet marketing is like a Rubik’s cube to most business owners, every time you turn around there is the next new way to get more traffic to your website,it starts with social media(facebook,twitter,pinterest,linkedin,just to name a few) ,SEO,writing blog posts,press releases,videos,PPC,the list is lengthy and unless you staff up for this or out source your never going to get it done besides who has time for all this and does it even work? One of the best and fastest ways to get more visitors to your website is by creating backlinks from other websites related to your industry,this is primarily accomplished through creating great content,but what if you don’t want to create content or just don’t have the know how?  I have the answer these questions Eric Ward a writer for search engine watch can explain the best way to get more back links to your website with out all the hard work of content creation. For the rest of the story Go Here